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our philosophy

Ezell Consulting believes broad access to quality K–12 schools lays the groundwork for access to higher education, to higher-paying careers and jobs, to informed personal health decisions, and to stronger communities. Communities are made stronger when participation is broad-based.



Change Happens through People

As the principal behind Ezell Consulting, Kate applies her deep knowledge of Middle Tennessee business and philanthropic communities to help mission-driven organizations accelerate their community impact. Working side by side with client organizations, Ezell Consulting provides the staffing and brain power on projects and initiatives that demand a community-sensitive perspective and an injection of focused energy to become reality.

We know it’s not just an idea that makes change (though great ones help). It’s not just money that moves people into action (though funding is critical). And it’s not just policy that makes the difference in quality public education (though advocates in the right places can go a long way). Results happen when people connect, understand the issues, collaborate, and find a way to move forward together.