Read what some of Ezell Consulting's clients have to say:

As we partnered with Republican State Senator Steve Dickerson to develop Project Register, a non-partisan voter awareness initiative that reached out to middle Tennesseans where they “live, learn, work, and play”, we added Kate to the team to deliver the story and message to Nashville’s corporate, college and university, and nonprofit leaders. Her reputation for strategic work and balanced perspective enabled us to successfully engage 200+ participating organizations in less than nine months, impacting over 350,000 employees & constituents, to increase voter awareness and engagement. Late Summer and Fall 2018 elections showed double the voter registrations relative to 2014, historic early voting turnouts, and seven-fold increases in voters, ages 18-29, all in some part due to Kate’s work on Project Register.
— Congressman Jim Cooper
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Kate Ezell and Ezell Consulting have been invaluable to the growth and success of the Educators’ Cooperative. Their motto is, “Empathy and Excellence in Education,” and Kate demonstrates her commitment to these ideals in everything she does. Ezell Consulting’s connections, brainstorming, and encouragement have strengthened the Cooperative, and ensure that we’ll grow responsibly and extend the CoOp’s impact into more classrooms all over Nashville for years to come.
— Greg O'Laughlin, Founder of the Educators' Cooperative at USN
I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Kate Ezell since my first year in Nashville as the CEO of Cheekwood. During that time, I have seen Kate in myriad of situations where her intelligence, keen perception, analytical approach to problem-solving, and warm and inviting personality have marked her “extraordinary.” Kate takes the time to think things through. A testament to her approach is the sound decisions she makes and the effective strategies she implements. She can complete any task and surmount any challenge she assumes.
— Jane MacLeod, President & CEO, Cheekwood
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Kate not only raised a significant amount of money for Cheekwood, but she was able to do the job intelligently, energetically, analytically, and ever-mindful that the object was to maximize funds to the institution while enhancing its reputation over the long haul. Kate epitomizes problem solving and collaboration in her work.
— Robert McCabe, Jr., Chairman, Pinnacle Financial Partners and former Cheekwood Board Chair
Working with her for almost 30 years as the president of the Jefferson Scholars Foundation, I have seen Kate build and manage the Jefferson Scholars selection process in Middle TN. She has built a strong alumni interview team, engages schools and students to participate in the application process, hosts events for nominated high school students, their counselors and parents, and she has raised funds to make the process work. Her role requires patience, tact, diplomacy, and perseverance. Kate possesses them all in abundance.
— James H. Wright, President, The Jefferson Scholars Foundation
As an active advocate for quality public schools in Nashville, I’ve worked with Kate in education reform in Nashville since 2013. Kate’s drive and initiative stand out from the crowd; she is highly motivated and diligent, constantly gathering information and analyzing it. She doesn’t make assumptions and takes the time to listen to everyone involved. It’s this kind of thoughtful approach that strengthens her perspective and is a tremendous asset to anyone seeking change in the Nashville community.
— William Deloache, Jr., Joe D. Davis Foundation
I worked with Kate as a business consulting for my tech ed startup YouScience. She quickly ascertained what we were trying to accomplish and dove in to help open doors in several government and higher-ed institutions. She’s highly organized and is very intelligent which translates to helping companies identify and leverage opportunities. She also possesses an amazing rolodex of high-level contacts in many verticals and is more than capable in making key connections for her clients. I highly recommend working with Kate.
— Tom Truitt, CEO, YouScience