Teach for America

Challenge: When Teach For America faced a critical crossroads of leadership, Ezell Consulting helped this exceptional organization bridge the gap. 

Background: For its first four years in Nashville, Teach For America, Nashville’s teaching corps of 200 teachers, had made measurable impact on Nashville public schools, including traditional, magnet, and charter school students and classrooms. Then came a time of transition between both the executive director and the director of development.

Solution: In response, the board took on more intense day-to-day management roles and turned to Ezell Consulting to give critical development support during the transition. Kate Ezell served as interim development director, calling on her community knowledge and connections to maintain existing Teach For America donor relationships, cultivate new donor relationships, and activate the strong board to participate in regional leadership. Ezell Consulting’s work bridged the gap, ensuring that the classroom impact of Teach For America teachers was uninterrupted and supported by essential funds and community resources.