Whether the issue is community engagement, quality public school access, public school transportation, development and fundraising for nonprofits, or board development, community leaders hire Kate to get initiatives moving forward so that ambitious ideas turn into success stories with impact.




Work with Kate

Engagements with Ezell Consulting—with Kate as an individual or building a small team around a project—take different shapes. Hourly, half-day, and day-long engagements facilitate problem review and definition. Implementation engagements can be day-, week-, month-, or longer-term hourly or retainer contracts.



To build strong communities, the work starts with quality public education. Ezell Consulting works with organizations and businesses that want to improve education options and access for Nashville students and families. 

Voter Engagement

To reconnect Tennesseans to the voting process and to move the state up from its current rank of 50th in voter engagement, Ezell Consulting is engaged in a voter awareness initiative brought to life by two of Tennessee’s most thoughtful lawmakers. 

Empathy Tools

Ezell Consulting has a portfolio of empathy tools—programs designed to shed light on issues like poverty, access, and inequality—which are made available to the community to  increase awareness of and appreciation for community challenges. Our aim is to promote assertive action to address inequities.